New Release!

No updates yet! (boo!!!!!)

but a new ePub release instead! (yay!!!!!)

Battle Through The Heavens

I won’t do a summary of this since this is quite a popular series.

I will, however, answer some of the questions asked to me.

Q. Your books are confusing!? I don’t know what chapter it ends and starts!!!

A. You think you’re the only one having problems with this? That’s a dilemma i face every time i create these ePubs. I usually follow them this way (in order of hierarchy).

  1. If there’s a clear separation of books, then i will split them as is. An example of this is I Shall Seal The Heavens.
  2. If there’s no clear separation of books, then i go with my pre-determined set of rules. Create a new ePub when it reaches 100 chapters. Most of the ePubs follow this.
  3. Of course, there are also times where i break that rule. An example of that is Stellar Transformations (that reminds, me…. i still haven’t updated it to my current formats)
  4. Another obscure rule i follow is when the filesize gets too big or too small (imho). An example of this is Desolate Era and Legendary Moonlight Sculptor where i compiled them in 5 books or 10 books. Another exception is Dungeon Hunter. It is quite big (in my eyes). And when i try to open the file, there is a considerable loading observed. I initially split it up at around chapter 200, but when i reached the end, the 2nd book has too few pages. Henced, i merged them.


Q. How come i see different formatting on some ePubs? What gives?

A. That’s just how things goes. You start with the basics. Learn the rules. Then bend and break them with your will. I started with copy pasting including formats which is very visible on the first 4 or 5 books of I Shall Seal The Heavens, or Ark or Ark the Legend. Then i switched with clean formatting to eliminate hidden html formatting so that the ePubs have more flexibility if the user decides to use their own fonts and such. Then i learned footnotes. Then tables which i went bonkers on a few ePubs such as To Aru Ossan No VRMMO Katsudouki. Implemented stylesheets for formatting instead of direct formatting. And finally popup footnotes which is quite visible on the more recent updates or you can check out The Grandmaster Strategist. I highly recommend Moon+ Reader in android (it’s free) (i don’t know about apple, but i’m sure there are apps that support popup footnotes.)

TL:DR, Lisa learned a bunch of neat stuffs as time passes, and what you see is the messy result.

Q. Do you use scripts?

A. No. (GASPS!!!)

Q. (follow up question) Then you must be crazy doing this manually!

A. What? Hey, i’m not crazy, okay? I just like doing it manually since i can check everything. Besides, i enjoy doing it. And i’m doing this for myself. I have control on when i release updates. Nobody nags me when i miss deadlines because there’s no deadlines in the first place. It’s a win-win if you think about it. I get to create something i’m quite proud of, and you get to enjoy it. I *might* follow recommendations, but they’re there basically to inform me of other titles that i’m not aware of… yet.

Q. Teach me Lisa-Senpai!!!

A. No.

Q. Gimme the dropbox links! or google links! or whatever so that it conveniences me!!

A. Actually… that’s not a question, but anyways, i’ll answer it.

The time i will give my dropbox link or google link or whatever link will be the time that i will stop doing this.

So, what you are demanding has some very serious repercussions.

Might want to think about it.

Oh, and to that person who nicely asks for the links. Still no, (but i’m saying it nicely this time for you).

Anyways, I hope i didn’t bore you too much on this.

(Lisa’s Dark Side: Praise me more!!! Muahaha!!!)