ePub Release: Long Live Summons

Long Live Summons

A new release!

And this time it’s a chinese novel.

This is another xuanhuan series, where the main protagonist gets transported into another world. People summon stuff to fight each other, and a pervy MC.

Marked mature because of mature stuff. It’s a fun read though, the mature part, i mean.


New ePub: Super Brain Telekinesis

Super Brain Telekinesis

It’s a chinese release!

For starters, the best word i can describe this novel is, mediocre.

There’s no theme to the story. You’re just reading a story of someone who has these “superpowers”.

There’s no plot to the story. You don’t know where the story will move forward to.

There’s no enemies to contend with.

There’s no…

Well, to put it in layman’s terms, this is what happens when an immature person gets the awesome powers of Lucy from the movie “Lucy“.

Or something like that.

It’s not a recommendation though. I just put it up because the concept caught my attention.

New ePub: A Thought Through Eternity

A Thought Through Eternity


This is a chinese novel by Er Gen. If you have read and enjoyed I Shall Seal The Heavens or Beseech the Devil, then you will definitely enjoy this one too.

This novel is hilarious. There is no revenge plot, but the main protagonist definitely does anything just to attain immortality, to hilarious results!

On another note,

And before anything else, i’m password protecting my links. I tried it yesterday, but apparently it was a failure. This time, i’m using another method. And since i can batch my links, then i will have to revise my releases too.

Don’t worry, the interface is very clean, and it will just ask for a password. The password is on the password tab, or you can just type the name of my site.


It’s a minor nuisance for end users, but a necessity for me. Sorry about that, folks.


… and i might not have an update for today, hence this post. Besides, new releases are always better than updates, right?

New ePub: Accompanying the Phoenix

Nope, this is not going to be a daily release (though it might change.. hehe)

This time, another chinese novel. (dang, i miss releasing korean novels)

Accompanying the Phoenix

So… have you ever read a novel where the main protagonist is a chicken?

I bet, after you have read this, you’ll be wanting to own a chicken like i do.



*goes off to buy a chicken*