New ePub Release!

Another korean series!

My, this website is slowly turning into a korean ePub repository.


Big Life

The story of this one is quite unique. It is quite similar to I’m Really A Superstar, but nowhere near as flashy and exciting. The main protagonist receives an unexpected surprise where he gains the powers of the genius writer. Now, success comes to him, as he produces hit after hit of literary works.


oh, and an announcement.

Looks like i won’t be able to sustain daily updates in the upcoming weeks, and well in the month of december. With parties and invitations and parties… well, you get the point. And yes, i do have a social life. So daily updates will not happen for a while. Maybe every other day. Wednesday is a guarantee that i cannot update on that time. There will be, however, an update on weekends. Unless i take a vacation.

I might, instead, release a new ePub. If i cannot post an update. So it’s still a win-win.



Daily updates on hold for now.

Shift to every other day instead. (plus or minus a day or two)



New ePub Release! (again)

Still don’t have time to update due to health reasons.

So here’s a new ePub release instead!

Taming Master


I wanna be the very best! Like no one ever was!

(ok, so that was a lie!)


This is a korean series, and since this is a korean series, most would usually expect dungeons, right?

Not this time.

This story is about an online VRMMORPG with near-perfect realism, kinda like the Ark series, or Legendary Moonlight Sculptor. The main protagonist has a level 93 character and is presented a dilemma after acquiring an item that gives him access to a hidden class in the game. The hidden class can only be acquired by a beginner class, so he has to reset his character if he wants to have the hidden class.

This is a story of acquiring a hidden class in the game, and becoming the best player in the game.


New ePub: Revolution of the 8th Class Mage

Revolution of the 8th Class Mage


Another korean series!

This time it’s from a request (i think?)

I’ll just copypasta the description for this series

The story follows Ian Page, archmage and the first man to break through the 6th class, then through the 7th and become the most powerful mage, a 8th class mage.

After a lifetime of war and killing, the continent was finally unified thanks to his efforts. Now, old, his wish is to live the rest of his life in peace and try to find salvation for all the blood he spilled. However, his old friend, maddened by paranoia, couldn’t tolerate someone so powerful, so he betrayed Ian and killed him.

In his last breath, he casted a time magic that allowed him to travel back to when he was a young boy. With all the knowledge he previously had, he decided to do things better so he could end with less regrets.

this will be the 3rd and last new release for today!

New ePub: The Mightiest Manager

The Mightiest Manager


This is a korean release. And if you’re familiar with the majority of korean novels, the story always involves dungeons and monsters from another world. In this story, this is all about becoming the awesomest manager in that dungeon-infested, god-forsaken, survival-of-the-fittest world.



I just had a minor injury which involves partial ablation to one of my toenails. And so, i’m not really in the mood to update anything.

I’ll just release new ePubs instead.

Another one’s coming up after this!

New ePub: Raid Breaker

Raid Breaker

Throwing this one since it just got recently updated. I created the ePub for this 2 months ago, but decided to hold off since only 4 chapters has been released.

Setup is pretty much the similar to Dungeon Hunter or Evolution Theory of a Hunter, so it has dungeons and monsters. I hear things get pretty exciting later on, so i’m betting my entertainment chips on this!

Anyways, enjoy!

New ePub: Sovereign of Judgement

Time for some new ePub Releases. I’ll try to set a template for new releases too.

Sovereign of Judgement

Series: Korean

Short Description: The story begins when our main protagonist is unexpectedly put in a survival game, from who-knows-where, usually from a higher being. The MC is a genius at fighting, instinctively knowing how to deal the most efficient damage in a given situation. There’s literally no history of learning them…. damn, i envy that. The MC is also not a wussy, so expect resolute actions from him. The pacing’s good. No wasted chapters so far. If you want a fantasy survival genre, where the MC fights with monsters, and with skills and stuff, then this is a good read. Everything starts the same for all, and you get to see how the MC progresses over others.