ePubs are updated!

This will be my last update before the year ends.

Latest Chapter List

  • i may or may not update the “bringing the farm” series, seeing that there’s an improved translation starting at the beginning.
  • M E M O R I Z E is a mess. So i’ll not be updating that too.
  • Returning from the immortal world also has no updates. i cannot access the site.
  • i’d probably revise the whole epub for great tang idyll into popup footnotes.


Oh, and if you haven’t read

Running Away From The Hero

You’re missing out some great laughs!


New ePub Releases!

Finally done with two titles.

Not one,

but two!!


First up, both are requested titles, so cheers for that.

The Grandmaster Strategist

This series is an excellent read if you’re into wuxia. This reminded me of A Step Into The Past. And if anything, that title is a masterpiece.


Second is a dropped series. Seems like the translator got hitched with his SO (special other), and won’t be back on the translation scene for an indeterminate amount of time. Nevertheless, thanks for translating for this series.

Murdering Heaven Edge


Still perusing the recommendations.


Merry Christmas to all!


What a hectic schedule!

Still managed to update all, plus new releases!

Latest Chapter List

I was planning to release more, but the time didn’t allow so.

Monster Factory


Demon King and Hero

Gourmet Food Supplier

The King’s Avatar


I still have one one release up my sleeve, but it’s not yet finished.

I’ll release it when it’s done.

Again, Merry Christmas!!!!!