Might as well

announce that there will be no updates for a considerable amount of time (2 or 3 days at best, more at worst) due to freak weather.

It’s been raining for a good 12 hours where i live, and my connection drops to pre-era 90’s internet speed (think 56K modem).

I’m just gonna cuddle and play red alert 2 (modified with my rules, of course) in windows 10.

As for those who are wondering how to play this incompatible game in windows 10, here are the steps.

  1. Download and install that game. I bought this game via origin, but i still prefer the torrented version (no fuss!).
  2. When you attempt to run the game in windows 10, it’s guaranteed that it will not work. You will either have a black screen but with music, or other errors or something. Now to fix this.
  3. Download the mod “Red Alert 2 – Mental Omega” at moddb. Extract it. And copy all the files and paste it to where you installed the game. Don’t worry, nothing is overwritten.
  4. Run the mentalomegaclient file. Ta-da! It SHOULD display the screen for the mod. Adjust the display renderer to your preference. I use TS-DDRAW where i can alt-tab the game.
  5. Another error, is the failed to initialize string. To fix this, set all executables to “run as administrator”. Just right click them.
  6. To play red alert, select ra2.exe. To play yuri’s revenge select ra2md.exe. To play the mod, use the mentalomegaclient.
  7. Now you can play an incompatible game in windows 10.