Migration to the New Site!

Hey there!

Months ago, i’ve inadvertently slipped that i’m setting up an alternate site aside from this one. It was more of my pet project while exploring other features that are lacking in wordpress. I was planning to quickly transition to that, but haven’t just had the time to update all the links. That, and i’m using a different format for the titles, so it took quite a lot of time updating the site.

I was also waiting for the SSL to take effect, so, the new site now supports HTTPS protocol.

And finally, i’ve managed to update all the links from here to there. So as of this moment, i’ll be using the new site for the updates. (do report any issues encountered!!)

There are plenty of new things on the new site. One of my most favorite tools that i’ve been using is the search tool. It is a very handy tool to search for content on the site. Try searching for the author and it will display the pages related to it. (try er gen as an example).

Titles are also now grouped into their respective origins. Chinese novels, korean novels, japanese novels have their own groups, and also completed titles.

The layout of the titles also contain more details compared to here. Mainly because i’m taking advantage of the search tool. I try not to make it too colorful, as i prefer minimalistic design, so i think i only used two tones. Makes things nice and neat.

Anyways, here’s the link to the new site.


Take some time to explore, and if you have the time, do drop by a message or three. I really enjoy reading them.



So, what happens to this version?

Well, for starters, i won’t be updating here anymore.

New titles will also be not present here.

I haven’t decided to “suspend” this, but most probably not. I’ll just leave it alone.


I will be requesting for existing subscribers to “re-subscribe” again on the new site, as it will be a fresh slate. As always, if you find any issues or problems, do report it and i’ll address it immediately.

Updates for today will not be possible because i just spent my whole day and night updating and fine-tuning the site.

So, see you there!


i bet nobody saw this coming!


Update 284


Super late update, seeing that this is the only time slot i can update. TKA book 10 and 11 has been fixed to reflect the correct chapters.

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