New Release! (and a few ramblings)

When there are no issues that are bothering me, then i can create new epubs for other titles.

I still remember that problem with dropbox where my links would expire on a certain date. Needless to say, i switched 2 times trying out different services, until i settled with the current setup.

Suffice to say, those old links will still exist. They just won’t be updated anymore.

Anyway, this is a recommended title. And i did start this particular title quite early, but just didn’t have the motivation to complete it.

Besides my main purpose of creating my own ePubs, where the majority of ePubs that i’ve tried just gives me a terrible reading experience (such as weird spacing of paragraphs, obscure font errors, inconsistent title formatting. …well, you get the picture). Another aspect of reason is also an attempt to consolidate those scattered translations, and put them into one place, and there is no perfect example than Shadow Rogue.

There must’ve been 5 or 6 different translations sites for this title that i’ve jumped just to read it all. And no, it was not a chore at all. Because it perfectly encapsulates the second aspect of creating my own ePubs in the first place. In fact, i tend to steer away titles where they are hosted in a single place.

And i haven’t learned any new skills in the road to making ePubs, as of late. Which kinda sucks. While there is definitely more room for growth, those skills are currently unnecessary for now.

I did learn how to color and italicize texts, but i have to trade it off for consistency and speed of release. (If you really want that though, you can just simply copy paste, including the formatting).

Welp, i also did not update, as i prefer to update things with a considerable number of chapters…. Breakers and Gourmet Food Supplier are exceptions (among other titles), since i’m following them.

As for this weekend, i would probably most likely not update, as i will be out of town.