How to Download

Okay, so i’ve been getting too many questions on how to download the ePubs on the site. Now, i’m not sure how this looks on a mobile, but this should work on a desktop version.

(I thought it was kinda obvious, but okay)

Step 1:

Select the series you want.


Step 2:

Select the book you want to download by clicking on the image below. (depends on the book you want to download)


Step 3:

You’ll be redirected to a new screen. It looks like something below. Click on the “I’m not a robot”, and the button “click here to continue” can be pressed.

p.s. the captcha works differently for other people. Usually it just makes you check the box, others will direct you to match cars, signposts, etc.



Step 4:

You’ll then be redirected to another screen. Wait for the countdown to finish, and click on the “get link” button (colored green).

p.s. In the event that the link fails to load. You can simply right-click on the “get-link” button, and paste the link on the address bar.


Step 5:

Enter the password to unlock the URL. You do know the password, do you? It’s


That’s it, you’re done.

4 thoughts on “How to Download

  1. Can you plz change back to original ads, The ally ad thing of this new ad thing doesn’t work due to they keep adding street signs when you try to click it after 5 sec of ad it just keep repeating, i using ipad mini 4 generation,


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