New ePub Release


This is a recommended title.

It’s a chinese novel about a fortuitous chance to our main protagonist, having been bestowed an RPG power where skills level up.

Kinda like ‘the Gamer’, but a totally different story.

New ePub Release


#include <stdio.h>

main( )

It’s kinda weird that i’ve read this before, and somehow forgotten all about it.

Well, here it is.

Another reincarnation type of story. This time a world-class hacker died of exhaustion and gets transported into another world.

World with magic.

And somehow, magic can be analyzed, like a source code of a program.


Well, you get the point.


(technically speaking, this code won’t work, as it deviates the rules of coding… so, there! hmph!)


New ePub Release



Truth be told, i forgot the reason why i created an ePub for this in the first place.

Oh well, this is a Japanese release.

If you’re familiar with Sword Art Online, then it has the same story elements. (though SAO is popular for a reason, and this one is not)