New ePub: Sovereign of Judgement

Time for some new ePub Releases. I’ll try to set a template for new releases too.

Sovereign of Judgement

Series: Korean

Short Description: The story begins when our main protagonist is unexpectedly put in a survival game, from who-knows-where, usually from a higher being. The MC is a genius at fighting, instinctively knowing how to deal the most efficient damage in a given situation. There’s literally no history of learning them…. damn, i envy that. The MC is also not a wussy, so expect resolute actions from him. The pacing’s good. No wasted chapters so far. If you want a fantasy survival genre, where the MC fights with monsters, and with skills and stuff, then this is a good read. Everything starts the same for all, and you get to see how the MC progresses over others.

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