New ePub Release! (again)

Still don’t have time to update due to health reasons.

So here’s a new ePub release instead!

Taming Master


I wanna be the very best! Like no one ever was!

(ok, so that was a lie!)


This is a korean series, and since this is a korean series, most would usually expect dungeons, right?

Not this time.

This story is about an online VRMMORPG with near-perfect realism, kinda like the Ark series, or Legendary Moonlight Sculptor. The main protagonist has a level 93 character and is presented a dilemma after acquiring an item that gives him access to a hidden class in the game. The hidden class can only be acquired by a beginner class, so he has to reset his character if he wants to have the hidden class.

This is a story of acquiring a hidden class in the game, and becoming the best player in the game.


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