Tower of Karma

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This world isn’t fair.

While there are people who drink fine from golden cup, there are people who drink dirty puddle that people have stepped on. While there are people who adorn themselves with fines and warmest fur coats, there are people who only wear hagged rags.

This world isn’t happiness.

From the moment of birth, one’s social status is decided. Rich child, poor child, child of a noble, child of a farmer, child of a slave. If born a slave, it’s impossible to climb up.

This world is cruel.

One man’s happiness is another’s misery. People fight over limited resources and die in the end. Life is dancing on top of corpses. Go insane, go eat, go take what you want, go kill.

This world is hell.

The one who has everything taken away, the “White Vengeance” will smash the world. Eat as you please, pillage as you please, kill and take everything for yourself. This story is about a struggle of the person born at the bottom, and a tragedy as well as a comedy of the one aiming for the top. Pity him and laugh at him. But the white man will only build up his Tower of Karma as his desires dictates.

Let us see how high his Tower of Karma will be when the story is over.

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