The Lazy Swordmaster

Status: Ongoing


Current ePub:



After defeating the Demon Lord, our main hero, satisfied at accomplishing his task, decided to meet his demise, as the castle of the Demon Lord crashes into the earth. Death would be a sweet release, but fate has other plans.

Our hero realized that he was reincarnated back into the world. And so he lived his life, away from the path of the sword, as carefree as he can.

But life has other plans, and the carefree days are soon numbered…



Tag: [TLS]


One thought on “The Lazy Swordmaster

  1. Please also make epub of tempest of the stellar war…if you can…
    I want to read it but radiant translations is too heavy for my browser its always crashing…
    and thanks for the daily updates as always…


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