The Charm of Soul Pets

Status: Ongoing


Current ePub:3


Cloud birds that soar through the blue sky; Terrorblood wolves that roam the wastelands ruthlessly. Dream beasts that dart through the moonlight forests; Ghost kings that dwell on foggy cliffs. Ocean spirit beasts that haunt the depths of the boundless oceans; thousand-eyed treants that stand unyielding on precipitous peaks.

Sword Beetles, Sunset Eagles, Ancient Wood Demons, Chaotic Thunder Sprites, Cursed Demon Fox: Ice… Plants, Beasts, Elementals, Undead, this is the eccentric, variegated, beautiful, and stunning world of soul pets!

Our protagonist, a soul pet trainer, had at first a young, mutated soul pet – a Moonlight Fox. In unending fights, it mutated into the stronger Evil Flamed Six-tailed Demon fox and the even higher leveled Queen Flamed Nine-tailed Firefox!

Under the companionship of this soul pet, he walked on the path to become a king, catching precious and rare soul pets, and never ceasing his endeavor to becoming the very best!



Tag: [CSP]


5 thoughts on “The Charm of Soul Pets

  1. it’s really good to see that you’re well and back 🙂 but i think there’s a problem with book 2’s link? i seem to be having problems accessing it, and what i thought i downloaded turned out to be some zip 😦

    welcome back!


  2. i seem to remember this problem happening when i was using the Yandex service. I expected that dropbox would not have problems with this.

    Anyways, i would suggest to use another browser when downloading if the problem persists.
    With regards to the file being in zip format, a simple rename of the extension to .epub should fix it.


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