Update 343

Hey there!

I was supposed to update some titles yesterday, but i’ve been having problems with my internet connection lately…

  • A Record of A Mortal’s Journey to Immortality
  • Release That Witch



I’ll see what i can do on this day.

see you later!


Update 338

i did some updates yesterday that i didn’t announce, because of reasons (fever and flu)

but since patrons get the updates automatically, then i guess there’s no need to mention it…?

well… i guess a list will do

Series that were updated yesterday:

– I’m Really A Superstar

– King of Gods

– Library of Heaven’s Path

– Limitless

– Lord of All Realms

– Main Character Hides His Strength

– Martial God Asura

– Martial World

– Master Hunter K

– Max Level Newbie

– MMORPG (…. i have no access to premium chapters for this)

– Monster Paradise

– My Cold and Elegant CEO Wife

– My Disciple Died Yet Again

– Omni-Magician

– Overgeared

– Path to Heaven

– Pursuit of the Truth

– Release that Witch

– Returning from the Immortal World

– Shadow Hack