New ePub Release!

Okay… partial, but i just want to get this out anyway.

This is a requested title, and there are even several versions of it already.

But i decided to create my own version because my niece had just read the manga version, and wanted to read the light novel version.

And so here we are.

The New Gate

Mind you, only the first book is created, for now.

And the filesize is quite large because i didn’t touch the images. (added a few of my own)

Still, i have no idea how it will look like on mobile phones.

The rest of the books will be created, right after i update the rest of the titles.

Over weekends, possibly.

Yay, me!

No updates yet

Not even sure if i can do them on weekends since i’m THAT busy, whether or not i’ll report on weekends remains to be seen.

I AM creating new ePubs though, and will release them when they are done.

New ePub Release!

The First Hunter


It’s a korean title, and it’s a survival-type story.

Basically, monsters appeared before new year’s eve of 2017.

And our survivors learned how to become Hunters amidst the chaos.

Quite similar with most korean titles with survival types, but takes on a slightly different approach at narrating it.



Small Updates

as mentioned, i currently do not have the luxury to attend to this site 100%, so updates will come in small increments.

*emphasizes SMALL*

oh, and for titles like The Grandmaster Strategist where it contains a lot of footnotes, they are put in the back burner. Meaning, i will not be updating it along with the rest. Perhaps i will update it when i have the time, which i currently do not have. So that’ that.

As for the current chapter, you can find that on the chapter list.


Links still down?


It’s nice that i get a break like this. 🙂


Q. Are you still updating?

A. Yep. I did update some titles. But not as much. Workload is currently at maximum, so i have little time to do updates.


Q. When will the links be up?

A. I don’t know. It will be up when it will be.


Q. Do you have a backup plan for this site?

A. Yep.…Somewhat. It’s called Lisa’s ePubs. It’s not up though.


Q. Share the google drive links!

A. No.


Q. Share the Skydr…

A. No.


Q. Share th…

A. No.


Q. God, you are so obstinate!!!!

A. I know, right?!!


Though i have to wonder… Do you all check this blog daily? You can just subscribe and get notified when there are new updates. It’s not like it’s magically updated without an update…. (or is it?).

I think it’s borderline obsessive-compulsive if you check daily.

But then again, it’s just me.