Chaotic Emperor

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The Dasecris Empire was the most powerful and most advanced empire on the Dasecris continent. It stood tall and proud for nearly ten million years and was ruled by the Royal family of the Dasecris clan. But this great empire was annihilated in a single night.

Every member of the Royal family and branch family were slaughtered in that one night. Amaysu was the Crown Prince of this great empire. He was born into royalty, surrounded by loved ones, a genius of many arts and well versed with the clan’s Inherited Legacy. With the clans vast resources he was able to show signs of his future accomplishments, however, this tragic night ended all that. He, his younger brother and sister were put in an animated state for over ten thousand years and hidden away from the world.

Amaysu wakes up in this new era with no one to rely on, an era where his family is considered to be monsters and his existence is unknown. Fuelled by the desire for revenge and with the power of his Inherited Legacy, he will climb his way to the highest rank in the world to get revenge. In this world there is no second chance, only power will protect you and your loved ones. This is Amaysu’s journey for revenge, finding his love, meeting new friends and adventure.

What are the dark secrets that his clan hid from him? Who are the people that destroyed his empire? And what did they want?

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