2nd Update of the Day

I won’t bother listing the ePubs i’ve updated. Suffice to say, everything should have been updated as of this time.

On another thing, there are a couple of changes i’m currently implementing on the blog.

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When Going Mobile (ePub Readers)

One of the main reasons of why i decided to create my own ePubs is due to the fact that i travel a lot, and most of that time, i have no access to the net for my craving reading needs.

And it also stands to reason that there should be a decent ePub app to handle your ebooks. There have been plenty of contenders, but so far, i’ve narrowed my choices into 3. I’ll mention my first choice, and the rest will be mentioned in the near future posts.

The first i’ll mention, and the most frequent app i’ve used when reading ebook is eReader Prestigio (what! not moon+ reader? blasphemy!!!!).

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First Post!

Hello and welcome to Cafe Alpha! I will be your host, you may call me Lisa.

Initially, I will be using this site to share my own ePubs derived from wuxia sites.

Occassionally, i might share some more popular ePubs, with minor modifications coming from me.

(more particularly on editing the metadata properly)

That’s it for now, and thank you for visiting the site.