Fixing Dead Links

I was gonna do an update but some kind soul informed me that my (old) links are broken.

And yes, the earlier links are.

So i just spend quite some time fixing and updating the links on the site. And i’m still not done.

Updates will have to wait until i ran through all the links and fix them.

Links that are verified

– A Record Of A Mortal’s Journey To Immortality

– A Sorcerer’s Journey

– A Will Eternal

– Absolute Choice

– Accompanying The Phoenix

– Against The Gods

– Age Of Cosmic Exploration

– Ancient Godly Monarch

– Ancient Strengthening Technique

– Awakening

– Battle Emperor

– Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World

– Castle Of Black Iron

– Chaotic Emperor

– Chaotic Sword God

– City of Sin

– Close Combat Mage

– Cultivation Chat Group

– Douluo Dalu

– Dragon-Marked War God

– Emperor’s Domination

– Epoch Of Twilight

(i lost count of the links that i’ve verified)