PSA: Error in Links?

Hey there!

I would like to address the elephant in the room on the download links on the site. Hopefully, this will address some of their issues.

Now as a rule of thumb….

When the user gets bombarded with many download links from a site (i’m looking at you 90% of the download sites), there is an easy way to determine which link is the correct one or not.

When in doubt, DRAG THE LINK.

That’s it.

If the link is dragged, then it is most likely a deceptive ad.

The correct link cannot be dragged.

Here’s an example. A very particular example.

99% of the time, you will see this when accessing my epubs. The top link is a very deceptive ad. DO NOT CLICK ON IT. And also, as an example, you can try and drag it around the screen, just to prove that it is an ad.

The real link is the bottom one, with the green background.

Use that instead.



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