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How to Create an ePub Book – The Basics

Firstly, this will be a multi-part series detailing on literally how to create ePubs. If you want to learn the thought process of how it usually goes, then you can do that on my previous post.

Part I: The Basics

First: What is an ePub?

ePub is just a bunch of html files zipped into one file.


Try it!

Find an ePub, then unzip it. It will contain the contents of the ePub. On the text folder, it contains the main files of it.

So i can just download and save webpages by myself, then zip it up into one file?

Well, no. You need a software for that. Do a quick google search and you’ll find plenty of tools for creating ePubs. In this case, i will be choosing Sigil as my tool for creating ePubs.

Great! I’ve downloaded and installed it, and now ready to go! Now what?

  1. Run Sigil
  2. Type some text (or copy paste that story you want)
  3. ???
  4. Profit!?

(Btw, step 3 is save that file (CTRL+S))

If you encountered no errors so far, then sweet! You’ve just made your first ePub!


So there you have it.

A simple copy n paste, then save will most definitely work when creating ePubs.

However, for multiple pages, a certain component is required, and will be introduced on the next part.

Stay tuned!