ePub Rankings!

It’s been a while since i had released a top 10 (or top 20) since i started this. So, here are some statistics for those who are curious.

BTW, i have already exceeded 150 titles….

wow, that’s quite a lot.

Anyways, before showing the top ranks, The top 3 are not series!

1. Homepage – with an overwhelming lead of 5x the amount of hits from the top series

2. Password – just about half the hits of the homepage, password goes strong and claims the 2nd spot

3. How to Download – takes 3rd place!

So, here’s top 20 for this month of July, 2017

Monthly Top 20

And here’s top 20 since i started this.

Top 20 All Time

Congratulations to all the titles who are in the list!


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