Happy (post) Anniversary!

I just noticed that 2 days ago, June 27, 2016, i created this site. It has been more than one year now, and i survived!🤗

Nothing much has really changed way back when i started this. Same theme. The posts have evolved quite a bit, but the titles… Oh my, it has grown… A lot!

Not all are good news though, my tags and categories are still a mess, and will most likely stay that way. Remnants of a futile attempt at organizing things.

One big change i made is the introduction of patreons, though (and adlinks). I mean, sure its fun at the start, but as your inventory gets larger, things change.

Still, i would like to take this opportunity to thank my 11 patreons who have supported me, also to my regulars who visit my site on a regular basis.

Here’s looking forward to more patreons and more series from now, on the site. 🤗


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