New ePub Release!


Oh hey! It’s a new release!

It’s about someone who hibernates into the future, and found out that the world is a whole lot different than what he remembers. Think going into the past, but instead going into the future. In the future world, it seems like something happened to humanity that instead of progress, it regressed instead. This is the only series i’ve yet to encounter that the main character wows the people using simple arithmetic. (hahaha!)

Oh and small talk from me. You can completely ignore this part.

Just as i have completed making this, the translator has a rant about translators being tied to “money” for releasing new chapters. Apparently someone has touched his reverse scale.

As for me, let me just say that everyone, and i mean everyone is entitled to his own opinion, and i can express my own thoughts about it too. It doesn’t have to be pretty, or it may even be negative, but hey! this is the internet.

As for the issue of using money in regards to releases, well, what do you think?

Personally, i’ve used avenues such as patreon or adlinks, not because i want to control my releases via money, but because of a more personal reason of being rewarded for exerting all this extra effort (a lot of extra effort) in delivering quality ePubs. I’ve already stressed that quite clearly when you visit my Patreon page, and i really appreciate those who became my Patreons, no matter how small they are (at the moment).

I also have another rant, but i’ll save it for another time.


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