Patreon? Oh Yes!

Great news! My Patreon is up!




In short, i was targeting to launch my patreon just before the month of May ends. But due to circumstances and my dedication, the launch was advanced to today!

Patreon, as a service, has been the most widely used platform used by the community. It offers the choice to support their favorite creators and an opportunity to reward their efforts. As such, i ask to please extend your support, so that i can serve you better. Your pledge goes a long way in making this journey a pleasant one, yours and mine included.

Another bit of announcement is the creation of a discord server for Cafe Alpha! (Lovely AI, are you psychic?)


I have been part of the IRC Chat generation way back, and this works just like that. If you want to hang out and chat with me, feel free to connect with the channel. I will be using it to answer your questions and suggestions as well.


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