When Going Mobile (ePub Readers) Part 2

This is the 2nd part of the series where i talked about ePub Readers available for Android, as well as their pros and cons… personally, of course.

Sorry, Apple users, i don’t have your devices available to me. Maybe someone is kind enough to donate one for me. *wink* *wink*. They are plenty cheap nowadays.

Anyone interested with part 1, can be found: here.

Moon+ Reader (Pro Version here)


Where do i even start?

Well, for starters, this has been my main ePub Reader for almost a good solid 10 months and counting, replacing my previous recommendation.

Interface is clean and minimalistic. With a very nice option to display the covers of the ePubs in a nice library format. Kinda like the one you see above. You can also switch the shelf view to another layout which displays more details of the ePub.

This is also the reason why my ePubs have the standard cover layout.

While it may have been easier to just grab the cover from the source, if there are any, there would be inconsistency across ePubs (mainly dimensions), and i don’t want that inconsistency happening on my files. Speaking of inconsistencies, I Leveled up from Being a Parasite, But I May Have Grown Too Much has too narrow dimensions to mention, that i might just change it.

I’m still a tiny little bit peeved for Japanese releases, because sometimes the whole cover looks better than using the standard cover layout. If i get irritated enough, i might redo every cover for the japanese releases.

Going back to the app, there is one suggestion i highly recommend if you’re using this, and that is to toggle this option, under the miscellaneous menu.


That way, the custom fonts embedded in all of my ePubs gets used.

And while we’re at it, toggle page-turning effect too. It works wonders.

Did i mention dictionary?

Met a word you don’t understand? Why, this app is capable of displaying the meaning of that word! without the hassle of switching to another app or device. Not only that, but it is capable of displaying its chinese or japanese equivalent word. With pronunciation too!


Lots of features!

bookmarking? check! (just press the top right edge of the screen)

custom fonts? check! font size? check!

use your volume keys to flip pages? check!

flip the page like a book? check!

brightness? check!

day mode? night mode? yes!

don’t like the mode? create your own! check!

text to speech? check! (okay, so i have the pro version so it works (but i rarely use it), but i’m not so sure for the free version. It should be there though)

book shelf? check!

search function? check!

import function? check!

choose your own location of your ePubs? very check!

custom sorting? check!

… and lots more that i will not bother to mention (like that blue-filter feature or something).

So why did i switch?


All the styles i’m currently using for my ePubs are displayed correctly using this app.

Ever since i’ve learned a lot of things at the start of this journey of creating ePubs, there are lots of standards i’ve read, that makes a lot of sense when being applied to an ePub. Problem is, ePub apps tend to use their own standards when opening ePubs. This app too.

Especially so when you get to learn and use stylesheets. And i’ve been applying stylesheets for all my ePubs. So that no matter what app you are using, then it would display what it is intended to be displayed, irregardless of application or device.

Many apps notoriously ignore the books’ native formatting, instead relying on its own formatting, on what it thinks it should look best for you to read. My previous recommendation behaves that way, hence why i ditched it.

Final thoughts?

Overall, my experience with using this app has been very satisfying. It may not be the perfect app of all, but it’s the next best thing since slice bread for ePub readers, for me, at least.

I have tried other apps aplenty, even the newer ones with slicker interface, and lots of gimmicks. There was even one more app that i would recommend as an alternative for this, but that’s another story.

In the end, as always, the choice is up to you. What i just did is inform you on what this app is capable of, in my own experience. I’m not saying that other apps are inferior. It just so happens that what i needed for an ePub reader has been met by this app, in the least uncomfortable way (for me) compared to the rest.

If you have other recommendations, please do post!

Don’t worry! I don’t bite (that much)!


Wanna see the my whole ePub collection?

Warning!! Bandwidth Intensive!

(disclaimer: some titles are works in progress, hence they are not present on the site…yet.)


6 thoughts on “When Going Mobile (ePub Readers) Part 2

  1. Moon Reader looks fancy but it doesn’t have a test-to-speech option not unless you purchase the Pro-Version. AllReader’s skin looks kind of dull but it has all the options your need to have a good reading experience.


  2. fonts embedded
    is not that good…
    only if you have all fonts >_>
    i recommend dont use this
    if you read other type of epubs
    not all work with this option.


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