Update in weekend?

april fools!?

unfortunately(?), we don’t celebrate that in the Philippines, so… here ya go.


Oh, and i’ve been reading Reincarnator lately (already catched up to the latest), and i’ve wrongly guessed what the story is all about. At first, i compared it to Tales of Demons and Gods, but i was grossly misinformed. Funny thing is, it took me quite a couple of chapters to really enjoy this story.

Story-wise, it’s slightly superior than Seoul Station Necromancer, grittier than Everyone Else Is A Returnee, and definitely more intense than Master Hunter K. There is no sense of supremacy felt to the main protagonist because the pacing’s set at a very quick pace.

It kinda reminds me of Dungeon Hunter of sorts, not because they have both the same premise, but because both are driven forward by their story.

Looking forward to the completion of this story.