Hmm… updated a lot.



3 thoughts on “Updates!

  1. Oh yeah, I forgot something.

    Actually, I’m kinda confused.

    One of the updated title is “Legend”.
    It is indeed up to date now.
    Wha I’m confused is… Is there a point that Book 1 covers until half part of Book 3?
    If not, then why bother splitting them into 3 books?


    1. The Table of Contents for Book 1 is actually erroneous. If you try and click on the chapters on the 2nd arc, nothing shows up as the file ends at the last chapter for book 1.

      Thank you for noticing it.

      As for the 3 books, i based them on the original translation group. And since there are 3 covers for this series, then why not.

      Though on further inspection, the original source shows a different chapter count.
      Well, whatever.
      it didn’t trigger my OCD, so it’s all good.


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