Links still down?


It’s nice that i get a break like this. 🙂


Q. Are you still updating?

A. Yep. I did update some titles. But not as much. Workload is currently at maximum, so i have little time to do updates.


Q. When will the links be up?

A. I don’t know. It will be up when it will be.


Q. Do you have a backup plan for this site?

A. Yep.…Somewhat. It’s called Lisa’s ePubs. It’s not up though.


Q. Share the google drive links!

A. No.


Q. Share the Skydr…

A. No.


Q. Share th…

A. No.


Q. God, you are so obstinate!!!!

A. I know, right?!!


Though i have to wonder… Do you all check this blog daily? You can just subscribe and get notified when there are new updates. It’s not like it’s magically updated without an update…. (or is it?).

I think it’s borderline obsessive-compulsive if you check daily.

But then again, it’s just me.


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