So, apparently, Dropbox has decided to drop public folders which i’m currently using for the ePub links. (I was an early adopter, so i still have the public folders. They did drop it this year though for new users)

As a result, we’ll soon be ending support for the Public folder. Dropbox Basic users will be able to use the Public folder until March 15, 2017. After that date the files in your Public folder will become private, and links to these files will be deactivated. Your files will remain safe in Dropbox.

In other words, March 15 is Judgement Day for the links. When that day comes, all links will be dead.

Sooo… what this means?

Basically, i have to update all my links.

  1. Create a non-public folder in dropbox, then copy the ePub folder and place it there. This is done so as not to disturb the current existing links.
  2. Update my backup configuration from 2…3…4, 4 (other) cloud services (actually 7 but 3 are all gdrives). (which is done, but the synchronization will take a while. It’s just about half a gigs worth so no biggie) (it’s my backup!)
  3. ???
  4. Profit

Well, updates will have to be put on hold due to technical difficulties.

I did updates a few more titles, but i’m not sure if they are reflected… oh well.

Battle Through The Heavens

Beseech the Devil

Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World

Demon King and Hero

Dimensional Sovereign


(Q. But why not share the links to all ePubs?)

(A. Sure, i’ll do that. And that will be my last update. Like i said, i’ll share it when i’ll stop doing this. Which i’m sure lots of people don’t want that to happen. Haha, just deal with it.)

(Q. Why not do all this hullabaloo at another time?)

(A. That’s actually…a valid point. But i like to do things chaotically. That way, i will always have something to do, instead of doing nothing…)

*insert witty remark here*

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