New ePub Release

Well… okay… this is more… of a test release.

I was trying out pop-up footnotes in an ePub.

Let me know if it works on your side.

A Will Eternal



3 thoughts on “New ePub Release

  1. This epub’s sidebar footnotes generally did not work for me. I have used all of the following epub readers to test the epub unmodified and with the hidden attribute removed from the aside class, here are the results.


    firefox add-on (epubreader) changes foot note term to purple (already clicked link) when clicked nothing else happens. | works as an anchor when hidden attribute from aside class is removed .

    Sigil book view: clicking footnoted terms scrolls up a little | works as an anchor when hidden attribute from aside class is removed.

    calibre e-book viewer: clicking footnoted terms opens a “footnotes window” with no text. | when hidden removed shows relevant text in “footnotes window” when foot-noted terms are clicked.


    Lithium reader: shows pop up of footnoted term when tapped. | when hidden removed shows footnote instead.

    AI reader: shows pop up at the bottom of the screen when near term with footnote text. on both “hidden” and with no hidden attribute shows footnote text at the end of the chapter.

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    1. Thank you so much!

      I’ve been throwing sections and divs and classes on that version that there were unexpected behaviours that popped up. (more like undesired behaviours, but you get the point)

      Since then, i’ve been sticking to the minimum requirements for a pop-up footnote. It basically goes like this:
      1) A new declaration is needed. It’s basically xmlns:epub=””
      2) Append the anchor to include the noteref
      3) Use aside for code

      Pop-up notes has full support for ePub3 versions, but for ePub2 versions, a declaration is needed.

      I have removed the divs and classes and stuck to the bare minimum. (mentioned above)
      These are the revisions.!AmhtGF15cQ2_lQaZnMt_LRAeVu9l (an ePub2 version)!AmhtGF15cQ2_lQejRCATBxcSjH5C (the ePub3 version)

      (please try them out)

      I already expected that on Sigil, the pop-up footnote would not work properly. It is more of an editor than a reader for me.

      Calibre, Lithium and AI reader are good news. At least it is displaying properly.

      For reference, i am only using 2 Mobile Apps to check if they function correctly. One is MoonReader. The other one is Gitden Reader.

      Unfortunately, any other apps are not considered for these new versions 🙂 (such evil! muahaha!)


      1. Yes, the new versions behave the same as before (without the hidden attribute) with the exception of AI reader which doesn’t display the footnote at the bottom of the screen. I guess the next step is to hide or move the footnotes from the anchored text to avoid redundancy?

        I would be interested in knowing how epubs can be improved beyond the basics (including a cover, metadata, toc, splitting chapters, images/cover) since I feel footnotes probably the biggest issue.

        It would also be interesting to know how people read epubs, since I have never heard of Moon Reader or Gitden Reader.

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