Random Musings

And so i take a count of how many main dishes i have served in the site.

90 dishes.

That’s 90 different series!

In a span of 6 months!

What the heck!

And here’s some stats for nerds

The Top 10 Most Visited Pages

  1. Emperor’s Domination at 679 views
  2. Ancient Strengthening Technique at 612 views
  3. I Shall Seal The Heavens at 571 views
  4. Everyone Else Is A Returnee at 558 views
  5. Against the Gods at 527 views
  6. I’m Really A Superstar at 524 views
  7. Rebirth of the Thief Who Roamed the World at 490 views
  8. Dragon-Marked War God at 469 views
  9. Spirit Realm at 422 views
  10. Seoul Station Necromancer at 400 views

Hmmm… considering that these titles were released at different times, one of the fastest, growing series is no.7 and no 9.

The lowest view count i have is…. pffft! Panlong! (or Coiling Dragon). Well, considering that it is a completed series, and there’s no updates to remind people of it, then i guess, you get the cake! This is followed by Stellar Transformations! For the same reasons!

As for visitors by country:

  1. Philippines at 9,459 views
  2. United States at 3,672 views
  3. Indonesia at 2,920 views
  4. Malaysia at 2,642 views
  5. France at 2,219 views
  6. India at 1,694 views
  7. United Kingdom at 476 views
  8. Somalia at 456 views
  9. Poland at 433 views
  10. Jamaica at 400 views

Wow, Philippines topped the number of visits? Wahaha! I am a filipina myself, but i guess lots of filipinos read ePubs too. (Shoutout to all the kababayans!)



6 thoughts on “Random Musings

    1. Well…. i could’ve spend my free time playing casual games. Really, it’s like just one click away. Then i look at the mess of a site i have and the things that i have to do… and there ya go!


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