New ePub: The Dungeon Seeker

The Dungeon Seeker


We have a new release! And this time’s a japanese web novel.

This is a story of a wimpy protagonist where he seeks dungeon, hence The Dungeon Seeker.

Okay, i made that up, but basically, God, or Kami-sama if you want, got bored and selected random people from Earth, and transported them into another world with magics and monsters. (Nooo, you won’t see truck-kun here…)

Said wimpy protagonist gets slapped hard with the reality that he is a wimp, and in a do-or-die fashion, motivates himself to survive the dungeon to get revenge to the ones who betrayed him in the first place.

The 1st volume is an enjoyable ride! (Though i got lost in translation on the last chapters. Or maybe my mind is just not working).



See? I can release new ePubs fast, as long as the ingredients are complete. With the most important ingredient, being the cover of the series.

This is also the best ePub i’ve created since. So enjoy!

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