An update but not an update

So i figured, i’m just gonna do 1 update per day, just like i’ve been doing ever since i started this. And the rest of my time will be spent on improving my existing ePubs.

I pretty much nailed the format that i will be using from now on, and now it’s time to update the rest of the existing ones. You will most definitely see the changes in some of the more recent updates, but i’ll just spell it out to you anyways. It’s mostly cosmetic changes here and there, and a couple of formatting changes too, but doing these things will greatly improve the quality of the ePubs here in the site.


1. Chapter titles are now resized. They are now smaller compared to before. I got particularly annoyed when i was reading AST, and the 1st page took up the title.

2. A horizontal rule is now introduced below the chapter title. Again, to further differentiate the chapter title and the start of the story.

3. “Front matters” are now included in the ePubs (just google ‘parts of a book’).

4. There is now a dedicated page showing the title (and its equivalent name counterpart) and the author.

5. Another separate page will also contain the synopsis of the series.

6. A “somewhat” Copyright page detailing the English translators of the series and where they can be found. Also includes editors (if any), and the standard disclaimers. Mind you, it’s really, really hard to trace the translators and editors for the older series, so take it with a grain of salt if some are missing.

7. All text contained in the ePub will be in plain, unformatted text (as much as possible). I have pet peeves on some ePubs when they have their own text formatting on the body of their ePubs. Again, this is just a personal preference. It is perfectly fine to have text formatting in your ePubs. I just don’t like it.

8. On a similar note on number 7, ALL formatting done on my ePubs, will be through the use of stylesheets. I know how to use them, and it makes editing easier.

9. Speaking of body, most of the time, i will add a “break” after each sentence or paragraph, when applicable. You can see this prominently on titles such as Against the GodsAncient Strengthening TechniqueI Shall Seal The Heavens and on most ePubs here. There are exceptions to that such as God of Cooking and the like. These are not really deal breakers for me, but for the sake of fast update, i’ll tend to ignore it most of the time.

10. There are exceptions though! Titles such as Everyone Else Is A ReturneeSeoul Station NecromancerTo Aru Ossan No VRMMO Katsudouki, and a few are rare cases. I tend to format these series with more time and effort. (I think you don’t need to know that, but if these titles have new releases, then expect the Spanish Inquisition! Wahahaha!)

Having mentioned all that, i really need to add more details on the recommendations. I am still open for suggestions, but this time, i can make do with series which have a small number of chapter releases. Some recommendations are already at 300+ chapters, even one exceeds 1000+ chapters, so that will definitely take time.

Things to do (according to my priority anyways)

1. Maintain 1 update post per day.

2. Update all existing ePubs to desired formatting. (ongoing)

3. Update all book covers. (ongoing)

4. Release new titles. (mmm… depends on the mood)

Well, that’s that.

(If you’ve read all that, then you deserve a reward! Perhaps a new ePub release? Hahaha….)


What the heck?! I forgot the main purpose of this post.

Against the Gods

A Record of a Mortal’s Journey to Immortality

Both titles have been updated to the desired format. Also updated their book covers, especially for ATG. Also did proofreading and edits for spelling errors and such.


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