Hasseno’s Blog? Really? (Part 1)

Seeing that updates will happen much, much later, why don’t I talk about why i started doing this, with no strings attached (yes, the cake is not a lie!). And also what you might get from it.

I started creating ePubs way back when Douluo Dalu got popular. I forgot the time, but i think that was around 2 years ago. It was also the 1st series that i created an ePub with. Comparing it back then, it was just a mindless attempt to have an offline copy of the series. Just straight up copypasta, and just the basics included like title and author. (No, i’m not gonna share it. It was atrocious, and i like it!)

After that, a couple more titles was created like Douluo Dalu 2, Martial God Asura, Xian Ni… and you might be wondering why those titles are currently not present in my blog? Well, I’m planning to revise them first, before re-releasing them back. And by revise, i mean starting from scratch. I think that’s the perfectionist being in me. Either that or i have a mild OCD (Obsessive-Compulsive Behaviour).

Interestingly, i did approach one of the more well-known sites that has ePub downloads for the wuxia novels and the like, offering my services. Unfortunately, (or was it fortunately?) i got turned down. So i initially released my ePub creations in HongFire Forums. Formerly a torrent site, but that feature got removed, so now it’s mainly an anime forum site that is quite old by internet standards. It was popular back then, but it went down a couple of times… due to reasons. Btw, a large subsection is dedicated to the modding community, primarily geared towards eroge games. It’s a good place to look for old eroge games (and some more).

Eventually, i decided to adapt the most commonly used platform used by the translation websites, and that’s how Cafe Alpha was born.


(Hmm, this post is too damn long! I’ll continue the 2nd Part in another post)


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