A New ePub Release!

After weeks of drought, finally another series has been added in the blog. To whoever it was who requested this series, consider that request granted. (Really my bad, i’m digging my emails, but i can’t just find that specific mail. If you ever visit the site again, drop by a message or two so that i can properly acknowledge you)

Great Tang Idyll

Seriously, i mean, it took me at least a month just to complete the ePub version of this series. This made me feel sad, then frustrated, then angry, then dejected, and just plain burned out. But nevertheless, i completed it! OH YEAH! DEAL WITH IT!!

For those who are not familiar with this series, it’s about a story of a super bad guy, and a novice cop, who got transported in the Ancient Era of China, around the time of the Tang Dynasty… i guess. Then the slice of life continues. This series is a pleasure to read. Really!

Now as for the reason this took a LONG DAMN TIME to complete, is because each chapter is loaded with footnotes. And by loaded, i mean 15+ footnotes. And each footnote has its own links to it. I literally had tears in my eyes when i reached chapter 36 and saw 32 footnotes in it. The footnote was even longer than the chapter story.


That’s enough whining. I’ll take a few more days off from releasing new ePubs until this memory gets dislodged in my noggin.

I see a lot of recommendations for that three realms thingy, and that undefeated thingy so they are next on my list.

Or i might surprise you with another title.

(ノ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)ノ︵┻┻


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