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Do you have some series you recommend to have the ePub version?

Reply on this thread, and i’ll take a look-see at it.

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335 thoughts on “Recommendations?

  1. Hello there! I love your work, as I’ve stated before, and I really appreciate that you’ve let the non-patrons still have access to the epubs. ❤
    Here's live from the commoners 🙂

    I wouldn't want to increase your workload, but if you're interested in another interesting transmigration story kinda like History's Strongest Senior Brother but turned into one of those otome game or female oriented xianxia- but this one is really really good :D, here's Doomed to Be Cannon Fodder, from volarenovels

    Also, I love your World of Cultivation epubs! ❤ The current epubs are waay behind, so here's to you and a speedy conversion! 😀

    Thanks again and KUDOS 🙂


  2. Hi Lisa,

    Not really a title suggestion, but could you run a poll asking what people mainly use to read your epubs:
    • Phone + application (e.g. Moon+Reader, Cool Reader)
    • e-ink Reader (e.g. Kindle, Kobo)
    • PC: Windows Store app (e.g. Bibliovore, CoffeeReader)
    • PC/Mac/Linux software (e.g. Calibre, Adobe DE, Sumatra)
    • Browser Plugin (e.g. EpubReader, Edge)
    • Other

    (This explains how to setup a poll:

    See ya

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    1. I actually started dl the chapters from QI, but there are lots of unrecognized characters on it. I would most likely go back to the original TL sites and grab the chapters from there instead.
      Soo, it would take a while. (I’m such a stickler for quality so, go figure.)


  3. First I’d like to thank you for your amazing works, you helped me alot in finding readable versions of my favorite novels, and thus I’d be graceful if u can do this one “Genius Doctor: Black Belly Miss”


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