New Release Time

Galactic Dark Net

This time it’s another requested title and let me just say that things gets escalated quite quickly!

Our main protagonist got an inheritance he didn’t expect that propels him from being a simple human on planet earth to becoming a totally, super badass citizen of the Milky Way Galaxy! (told you, it escalated quickly!)

I was  totally mislead from the title of the story thinking this is a tech oriented series. Oh boy, did the author mislead me by a thousand light-years!

On another note, the cover might not reflect the contents of the story because initially, I assumed that the story is all about the dark net, which is a deeper layer of the internet. (you know, like how earth has crust, mantle, inner core and outer core…, well think of it like that for the internet).



status: moody and finicky

so all titles in the queue list are untouched and will not be touched until i am appeased. (basically those who have requested for new ePub series)

so bite me.

(╯°□°)╯︵ ( . 0 .)


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