New ePub Release!

Oh… My… GAWD!!!

It’s a new ePub release!


Okay, so apparently i’m back in my abode and finally have the time to collect my thoughts and have spare time to get back to this little hobby of mine. I’m getting request for new ePubs now, which is quite new. But i’m selfish and sometimes a hypocrite, so i’ll still do the things i want to do, and choose whatever not-so-popular novels that i find interesting and make the ePubs for it. Anyways, on to the release.

This one’s a request (see? i tell you, hypocrite!)

A chinese novel which goes by the title Spirit Realm.

It’s about the story of a boy, who cultivates a unique bloodline which involves thunder and lightning. It’s really too early to tell if the series is good or not in the first few chapters, and i’ve read from somewhere that the story picks up gradually and it polishes itself into a gem of a story.

Oh, and a plus for romance in this series. Unlike some other that i’ve been following (i’m looking at you Meng Hao!!!)


I’ll gradually release new ePubs from time to time, not unlike the consecutive one i did before. And i might push the 1 update per day for this week too, since i’m in a training.

That’s all, folks!


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