Another New ePub Release!

We are at what… 18, already?

18 consecutive releases?




Well enough of that skit. This time it’s a Japanese web novel. And there is also a manga version too.

Spirit Migration

The main protagonist is a… err… is not the usual hero you encounter on most web novels. This time our hero is a spirit. And quite a helpful spirit to boot. One of his main abilities is possession, and from that borne adventures which this novels delivers oh so delightfully.

There is no aim for immortality.

There is no war.

There are only stories. Stories that bonds our main hero to the characters of the world.

This is a good slice-of-life novel to read.

If you’ve read the manga, then that’s also good   ᕦ໒( ՞ ◡ ՞ )७ᕤ


The translations have skipped chapters. I’ll update them when they’re released.



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