Another New ePub Release!

Thought the streak ended? Not yet!

This ePub release is fairly a new series, and a korean series to boot. The title is

The Lazy Swordmaster

As of this post, there have been 5 chapters released, so it’s too early to judge if this is good or not, but i find the translations, as well as the story, very well done. The pacing’s just somewhat perfect, kinda like a slice-of-life, but not slow enough to bore you. Each chapter moves the story just enough to grab your attention, and makes you look forward to the next.

This is a korean novel, but the style and pacing reminds me of a japanese one. Another series to look forward to.

(p.s. i was gonna release a different ePub, but seeing that a new chapter is out for this series, this gets the cake. I’ll release the other one tomorrow)

This marks 7 for 7 for the consecutive new ePub releases for Cafe Alpha.

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