ePub Release Again!

You heard right, folks! Another day, another new ePub release!

This makes 6 for 6 for consecutive releases of new ePub series.

Okay, so i picked up another title from Er Gen, and no, it is not “A Thought to Eternity”, at least not yet. The series i’m referring to is :

Beseech the Devil

If you’ve read I Shall Seal The Heavens, then expect a good storyline coming from Er Gen. Another xianxia series, but it has its own cultivation rules that sets it apart from the rest of his works.

If you enjoy his novels, then you will, no doubt enjoy this also.

If you’re new to his style of work, this is a good novel to start with.

Enjoy the new ePub release!



I couldn’t find a better cover for this ePub series, as the current covers i found are so small, they do more harm as covers than good.


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