New ePub Release!

We are going 3 for 3 for new ePub releases! And the crowd goes wild! Can Cafe Alpha sustain this impressive momentum all the way to the weekend? Stay tuned tomorrow and find out!

This time, another korean series. Yeah, I know, i’m biased towards them. Maybe because of the fact that so little ePubs for korean novels exists, that motivates me to create them in the first place.

So this time, the genre is quite niche. And while not many might understand the jargons used in the novel, overall, you don’t really miss out on the fun of it. If you’re into programming, then perhaps this might fit your cup of tea. (as it did for me, since i am a computer engineer).

Anyways, you can access the ePub here.

Coder Lee YongHo

Reminds me just like when I read “Mudazumo Naki Kaikaku”, and I literally have ZERO understanding on how mahjong is played, but I am enjoying it immensely just for the PURE HECK of it. I… no. Words don’t do justice. So i’ll let the images speak for themselves.


Kawaii Hitler!


Super Aryan Hitler!

This manga, i highly recommend it!


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