Surprise Release!

Today, I’ll be releasing an ePub version of the chinese series “Magic Chef of Ice and Fire”.

This is from the same author who created Douluo Dalu… or Douluo Dalu 2, or even Douluo Dalu 3? maybe Child of Light? How about Shen Yin Wang Zuo? Still have no idea? How’s Skyfire Avenue? Jiu Shen? Heavenly Jewel Change? Oh c’mon!!! You know… Tang San from the Tang Sect…who got reincarnated to another world? Eh? Well, this is another work of the same author.

As for the summary? Well, Nang Bian… err, Bian Ning (haha, my bad), lives in a magical continent, where his parents got killed due to greed (well, just read the first chapter). Bian Ning… hmm… (checks the translation… oh shi..!!!), erm… Nian Bing (finally!) survives the ordeal and gets rescued by demon chef (well, not literally). Our main protagonist (much safer!!) gets trained by the demon chef, and becomes the Magic Chef in the story, hence the title.

Where’s the Ice and Fire part? Oh yes, well normally, people can only handle one type of magic. Our MC can handle both Ice and Fire. You know, for obvious reasons, Fire for cooking, and Ice for storing foods. Neat, eh?

Don’t believe me? Read the series!

Magic Chef of Ice and Fire



If you’re looking for a cooking themed novel, you’re better off reading God of Cooking.


Yes, i’ve checked the cover page. This is the cover page from the translation site. The one on novelupdates is different.


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