Ninja Update!

Ninja update time!

Ancient Strengthening Technique (it’s fighting time!)

Desolate Era (It’s from I Eat Tomatoes.You know… Coiling DragonStellar Transformations)

I’m Really A Superstar (i’ve jut been skimming this since the start of the WebTV Arc, but things are really getting good. If i start reading this, i’m sure i’ll just be craving for more when i hit the latest chapter)

Dragon-Marked War God (Yay! Another update of my current fave read. Nothing beats OP MC with a partner who has a cheat treasure-hunting ability!)

Cultivation Chat Group (Yay! more hijinks with our mortal MC associating with immortals in the modern world!)

History’s Number 1 Founder (More goodies with our sly hero! Hahaha!)


Against the Gods (more smackdown by our MC)

I Shall Seal The Heavens


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