New ePub Releases!

Sometimes, when i do ePub releases, it usually hits close to my interests. One particular interest i have is towards korean novels. There isn’t really any prevalent korean novels to date, and the only popular one that i can think of (which happens to be a manga) is ID by Kim Daewoo. So when i see korean novels, chances are, i have an ePub version of it.

I also pick up some series when they are interesting in their own right, or a deviant from the usual trope. For example, History’s Number One Founder, where the tropes of the wuxia genre are challenged in the story. They might also have gimmicks that is interesting to read.

I also pick up new series where it is too early to tell if it is good or not. So there is a risk of the translator dropping it, or not.

Enough of the chit chat, here are the new ePubs in this blog.

  1. Chaotic Emperor – this is an original work, and decided to pick it up just to see if it is good or not. I’ve read a few chapters, and it is getting interesting to date, even borderline crazy. haha.
  2. Single Player Only – is one of those novels that is too early to tell if it is good or not. One of those stories when the main character gets bonus points in real life, only dumping it to the charm stat.
  3. Seoul Station Necromancer – this series reminds me of other korean novels where the Earth has changed, and monsters are abound. It’s like Evolution Theory of a Hunter, but solo mode.
  4. The Tower of Karma – If you’re familiar with the manga, berserk, then, this is as close as giving griffith its own story. This has a very dark story, and is tagged as Adult. (the comparison is in no way assumes that this is about the story of griffith, only that, due to the theme of the story, Griffith from Berserk is the closest to compare it to)


Okay folks, that all.


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