Invincible Level Up -> Invincible Leveling King

Some good news and bad news.

The good news is, I’ve found a better translated version of Invincible Level Up, and has more chapters than the current version.

The bad news is, it’s on hiatus. So expect no updates for a while when you are done reading it.

Just a minor update.

The ePub version of the series Invincible Level Up hasn’t been updated for a while, and while that’s not one of my main concerns, i found out that at least 3 different translations have been done for this series, with different titles and revisions.

(you can look it up by searching for ‘invincible level’ in novel updates)

Out of the three, at least one of them has managed to sustain longer than the rest. Long story short, I will be replacing the previous Invincible Level Up version, into Invincible Leveling King. Of course, the previous will not be retained anymore.

Here is the link

Invincible Leveling King




On another note, i am wondering why many people is accessing it in the first place. It is among the top pages that users visit. And it’s not that popular or anything…


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