A Couple of New ePub Releases

Here’s a couple of new ePub releases i’ve added for my blog.

1. Emperor of Solo Play

A korean novel with a VRMMORPG setting, kinda like most korean novels i’ve encountered… err observed. Our main protagonist got betrayed in the game, and in a twist of fate, got transported back from his earlier days of the game. With the knowledge gained from his previous self, he embarks the game (again), only this time doing solo play. (Which is kinda opposite of Weed in the first chapters of The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor)

2. Game Market 1983

Another korean novel (as you may have noticed, i’m kinda leaning towards korean novel more, instead of japanese or chinese novels as of late), which has very similar writing like I’m Really A Superstar. Our main protagonist, who is a game developer at present, gets transported back in time (well, 1983, to be specific). Hilarious hijinks ensues when he influences the game industry from then on. If you crave something similar to IRAS, then this is the perfect supplement for you.

3. King of Myriad Domain

The third ePub release, and this time it’s a chinese novel. Picked this up because it’s a refreshing take on the current Xianxia theme. There’s comedy around, and the situations gets resolved albeit somewhat realistically. So far, there’s no plot armor for the main protagonist, but it’s too early to tell. Add this one on your bucket list. The translation is also well done (unlike the cringeworthy Invincible Level UP (haha, you’ve been warned!!)).

4. Warlock of the Magus World

The fourth ePub release. This is a story about a young boy who is a wizard… *ehem*…, well actually a story about a scientist who died from an explosion and gets transported into a medieval world with magic. Said scientist, who is now a young man, discovers that his assistant AI (artificial intelligence) is also transported with him. Young man then decides to pursue to become magician in order to survive the new world, with his cheat tool. The story feels like Harry Potter much, but with wuxia elements combined.


I’ve also reverted back the header. It’s really a hassle to update when there’s a new release. So that’s that. You can always peruse the main dish at the right side to find the title you want (or in the secret menu if not listed).


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