100th Post! Yay, more updates!

Yay! 100 posts! I mean, seriously? hahaha!


Here’s the rest of the updates for the day.

Against the Gods

Ancient Strengthening Technique


Emperor’s Domination

I Shall Seal The Heavens

I’m Really A Superstar

The Six Immortals

And to commemorate my 100th post for this blog, i’ve finally completed the ePub version of the web novel series, Worm. This is a completed series, and the synopsis can be read on the link. This will be filed under the *unannounced* page for… reasons. Give it a try.

And i’ll also include Desolate Era later, also filed under the *unannounced page, for, again… reasons.

(the page can be found juuuust at the right side beside contacts)

Ongoing series filed under the *unannounced* page will have no post announcements, but will nonetheless receive timely updates.

Oh, and before i forget, the series God of Cooking ePub has exceeded 10MB. Very unusual for an ePub file. One big change is the inclusion of the images for the dishes presented in the story. So you can view what the dishes look like while reading it. (as far as i’ve tested, Gitden Reader works when viewing the images. Moon reader does not render the images properly)


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