A Couple of Updates and New ePub Releases

Alright, i’ve updated the most recent ePubs with their latest chapters. I will not list them but the ones i’ve remembered are I’m Really A SuperstarEmperor’s Domination among others.

Anyways for the new releases, I’ve decided to create an ePub for the series Life Mission. Another korean novel with fantasy/supernatural setting. (Though i’m still enjoying The Evolution of a Hunter).

Life Mission

The other release is for the series Tales of Demons and Gods. I’ve decided to create my own version this time, primarily because this is one of the series i’m currently following. The start of the story does a great job of hooking you in, and the translators have done a superb job in conveying it. Now i know, there are lots of ePubs currently floating in the internet for this popular series (i can mention Against the Gods, and I Shall Seal the Heavens), but i just want to share my version of it. Capish?!

Tales of Demons and Gods



There are still a couple of series that i plan to create my own ePub versions. The series that comes to mind is about the one which brings the farm to a fantasy world, the weird main protagonist who loves drinking Object X, and another VRMMO whose game is titled “Destiny” (i’ve read the spoilers, so i can vouch for it.). Isekai Canceller is also on the list, but the updates come sporadically… so maybe i’ll leave it to that other group who also creates ePubs.


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