Updates for today

Another irregular update for today!

But before anything else, a new ePub was released yesterday. Only that, my post failed to announce it due to my failing, intermittent connection. This is a completed series which has two encompassing arcs. The first arc is basically the start of his journey until his ascension to immortality. The second arc is the continuation of his journey from his ascension, until he reached the pinnacle of his cultivation. The story has 18 volumes, but i combined it into 3 parts  for easier compilation (could have been 2 parts to reflect the arcs more accurately). Anyways, here’s the series.

Stellar Transformations


and here’s the updates

To Aru Ossan No VRMMO Katsudouki

Ancient Godly Monarch


Dragon-Marked War God

Emperor’s Domination

Evolution Theory of a Hunter

God of Cooking

I Shall Seal The Heavens

I’m Really A Superstar

Killing Grounds of Gods and Devils

Path to Heaven

The Six Immortals



“And so I close my browser,

Content at what i’ve accomplished,

Enjoying the coffee at hand,

Until the cycle renews.”

– Lisa Hayes



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